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Create your own AmeriBrade Grinder, follow each step below!

Step 1: Choose a motor package.

Regardless of the voltage you choose, all of their machines plug into single phase power.

For the variable speed 1.5hp and 2hp options, the motors and drives are the same, but the 110V option limits the output to 1.5hp rather than the full 2hp. You can always re-wire it to run on the other voltage any time you want to take advantage of the full 2hp. Please contact us for instructions on how to do so to avoid damage to your motor or speed controller.

Fastback Grinder includes:

  • Fully Assembled bolted and Powder-Coated steel grinder frame
  • Tilting motor mount for reverse tracking adjustment.
  • 4" aluminum tracking wheel on fully assembled tension arm
  • Motor alignment template
  • Forward/Reverse Switch if ordered with variable speed option
  • Instructions Manual



Step 2: Choose a Drive Wheel for your motor.

Which Bore Size should you pick?

If you are supplying your own motor, choose the bore size that matches the shaft of your motor. Our single speed motors have a 7/8” shaft and our variable speed motors have a 5/8” shaft. If you are getting a motor from Ameribrade, we will make sure your drive wheel matches your motor even if you accidentally choose wrong.

Which Outer Diameter should you pick?

4 inch: (We recommend this size for single speed grinders)

  • Pro: Lower Cost
  • Con: Lower belt speed (3800 feet per minute) does not remove metal as quickly
  • Pro: Lower belt speed reduces burning while working with wood and allows for some small wheel usage on single speed grinders
  • Note: We recommend this size for single speed grinders

7 inch: (We recommend this size for variable speed grinders)

  • Pro: higher belt speed (6600 feet per minute) is great for metal stock removal
  • Con: Must be slowed down with a variable speed drive in order to prevent damage to bearings on wheels under 1.5" diameter in a small wheel holder
  • Con: Higher Cost

Step 3: Choose all Grinding-Surface-Accessories you’d like to go with your grinder.

You can add more than one. (Note: No grinding surface accessories are automatically included with the frame. They must be added separately)

Step 4: Choose all Additional Accessories you’d like to go with you custom grinder.

Note: No accessories are automatically included with your frame. They must be added separately here.

Step 5: Review your choices and click add to cart!


Click here to download and read about the 2x72 Grinder Instruction Manual.