Ameritool - 4-inch Trim Saw w/ Blade

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This little dynamo will cut through slabs of glass that are up to 1" thick. We got this small lapidary saw so we didn't have to break out our large tile saw for small pattern bars and small slab work. We are pretty impressed with the power and the extremely clean cut. It's also so darn easy to clean that it took a total of 2 minutes. All you need is a sponge and a towel. The replacement blades are less than $20! 

Originally designed for gemstones, the Ameritool 4" Lapidary Trim Saw is the perfect tool for cutting glass and stone material and pre-forming cabochons. The saw table is flat, so it is easy to trim oversized slabs, and it's also removable, so clean up is easy. The sturdy table measures 6" X 10", so it doesn't take up much room in your studio space. 

The saw housing is made of unbreakable polyethylene, so there is no rusting, and no messy oil. The 1/4 HP equivalent variable speed, ball bearing, direct drive motor allows the saw to run fast enough to use ultra-thin diamond blades. The Ameritool 4" Lapidary Trim Saw is powerful enough for sintered diamond blades. 

Here's another great benefit; it's made in the U.S.A!


Instruction Manual: Ameritool 4-inch Trim Saw

Video: Ameritool 4" Trim Saw Setup and Use