Rayzist - 2034VXA Adjustable Automatic Recycling Sandcarving System

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Inside Work Space:

34"w x 22"d x  24"h

Outside Dimensions:

39"w x 33"d x  78 1/2"h

Height Adjustment:

Electronically controlled

Pressure Feed Vessel:

ASME certified 70 lb. epoxy coated pressure pot

Blasting Pressures:

3 psi to 100 psi


15 sq. ft. HEPA with PTFE teflon membrane


24"W x 12"H two part laminate window

Pressure Lines:

1/2" & 1/4" outer diameter airline. 300 psi rated


Dual 90 watt recessed halogen lamps

Compressed Air Requirements:

 5.5 CFM (or greater) at 90 psi to facilitate blasting pressures of 30 psi using 3/32" nozzle


110 volts, also available as 220 volt, 50 hz

Amperage: 15 amps


No tools required. System is packaged assembled

System Includes:

50 lb. bag of aluminum oxide, 3/32" tungsten carbide nozzle
Ship Wt: 616# 

Loaded with standard features, the Rayzist 2034VXA Sandcarving System includes: 

  • Ergonomic Design - Exclusive ergonomic height adjustment design, built to comfortably fit users in either standing or sitting positions.
  • Vortex Technology - Vortex technology automatically separates the usable abrasive from the unusable abrasive, maximizing the recycle rate of your blasting media. During blasting, vortex sends the abrasive into an airwash, which automatically filters the finest dust particles and debris from the usable abrasive. The dust and debris are directed into the hepa filtration system, ultimately ending up in the disposable liner; the usable abrasive is redirected back into your system for reuse.
  • Pressure Pot - this 50 lb., asme-certified pressure vessel houses the abrasive. It automatically filters out debris to prevent clogging. Our exclusive 45 degree angle design allows for a more consistent sandflow.
  • Hepa Filtration - The premium dust collector incorporates 15 sq. Ft. Of efficient hepa filtration and separation. Built-in hepa filtration allows for separation and capture of 99.7 of the dust particles as you are sandcarving. As a result, your sandcarving work area remains cleaner at all times.
  • Clear Disposable Liner - This accessible, removable clear liner stores your unusable abrasive until you are ready to throw it out. The clear liner is attached to the lower chamber of the premium dust filtration system; because the bag is transparent, you can easily see when it needs to be emptied.
  • Centrifugal Air Exchange Motor - 1/3 hp 3,450 rpm motor with die cast aluminum housing and radial blades.
  • Interior Air Suction - 740 cfm interior airflow suction.
  • Ergonomic Cabinet Design - The cabinet design follows the contours of your natural position while sandcarving, which allows you to work comfortably and more productively.
  • Seam-Welded/Powder-Coated - The system is built to last for years, with total seam-welded, 14 gage steel construction and a epoxy powder-coated finish. 
  • Gloveless Sleeves - The large gloveless sleeves are made of a lightweight polyurethane, for easy mobility and handling of your products while sandcarving.
  • Padded Arm Rests - The padded arm rests prevent stress to your forearms and provide added comfort while sandcarving.
  • Dual Recessed Halogen Lights - The dual recessed halogen lighting provides the brightest lit sandcarving workspace on the market.
  • Oversized Viewing Window - The oversized laminated safety glass provides superior visibility while sandcarving. The oversized viewing window can easily be replaced.
  • Full Size Single Door Entry - The full size single door entry is generous in size and opens on the right side of the cabinet. A large entry area minimizes the potential for bumping or nicking your sandcarved products.
  • Wheels - locking wheels give you the flexibility to move your system when required.
  • Foot Switch Valve - This foot switch valve provides longer performance and is very low maintenance in comparison to the former foot switch valve. It also optimizes air and sand flow to your hoses.
  • Heavy Duty Blasting Hose - The 10 ft. Heavy duty hose is flexible and provides adequate sand flow and longer blasting usage.
  • Right and Left Hose Holes - The blasting hose can be used from the right or left side, so the system is as convenient for left-handed sandcarvers as it is for right-handed sandcarvers.
  • Carbide Nozzle - The durable 3/32-inch carbide nozzle is versatile and easy to use for any sandcarving project. It comes with an adapter and o-ring.
  • Pressure Regulator/Water Separator - The Rayzist sandcarving system regulates the amount of air pressure and sand flow (psi) being sent to your blasting hose/nozzle and efficiently separates the water content. We have combined the two functions into one unit to minimize space. 
  • Exclusive Air Curtain - The exclusive "Max flow" air curtain directs air across your viewing window to remove dust and ensure maximum visibility while sandcarving. 

Need help? Download the the 22034VXA Sandcarving System Manual!