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Smart Controllers

When it comes to the next generation of kiln controllers, you now have two options... the Tap Controller from SDS Industries and the Genesis - Model LT3140 from Bartlett Instrument Company.


Tap Controller from SDS Industries

Introducing TAP, by SDS Industries... The Most Advanced Kiln Control Technology Available! TAP (Temperature Automation by Proportional-Intergral Derivative) is the first commercially available consumer kiln controller that utilizes an intuitive graphical user interface to enable the glass or ceramic artist to immediately start programming and operating their kiln. For all of us less technical, regular folks... this means interactive touch screen! TAP is designed with similar functionality to many current 3-key and 12-key controllers, such as an Orton AutoFire® 3000 or the Sentry 2.0 Controller. However, its new technology provides the user with easier programming, more memory, and ultimately more control.

This controller is available on most Evenheat and Jen-Ken kilns. Need more information... download the TAP Product Manual.

Looking to add WiFi capabilities to a new or old TAP Smart Controller? Click here... 



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Genesis - Model LT3140 from the Bartlett Instrument Company

The Genesis has a modern and intuitive user platform with touch-screen technology for an effortless user interface. It can store up to 12 custom user programs with up to 32 segments per program and has the ability to make adjustment during a firing such as add segments, add temperature, and skip segments. Additionally, the easy-to-follow screen descriptions and graphical display of the firing process, allow the Genesis controller to make firing kilns extremely straightforward.

This controller is available on most Evenheat, Olympic and Paragon kilns. Not to confuse the issue any further, the new Genesis controller is known as the "Sentinel Smart Touch" on Paragon kilns. Same great controller, just a different name.

Need more information... download the Genesis - Model LT3140 Product Manual.



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