Paragon Kilns

Paragon has manufactured high-quality kilns in Mesquite, Texas since 1948. With over 4,000 kilns in 20 product lines, Paragon has the largest kiln selection in the industry to support your firing requirements. They offer everything from small tabletop kilns that operate on a standard 120-volt household outlet to large production kilns.  

Paragon’s highest priority is to design kilns that are safe for you to enjoy. 100% of their models are designed to comply with the National Electric Code and to the industry standards for electric kilns. Periodic review by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories under the OSHA jurisdiction assures their compliance. 

Every Paragon kiln is ergonomically designed so you get a continually reliable kiln that is easy to use. All of their large ceramic, pottery, and glass front loading kilns come standard with a patented LiteLid system.  While all of their digital kilns use controllers from Orton Ceramics because of their easy to read display and ease of programming. Need help with kiln programming... no worries! Paragon has detailed videos for both types of controllers on YouTube! 

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Paragon White Papers

Custom Colors

For an indefinite period, any Paragon kiln can be ordered with an optional color at no extra charge. Imagine owning a pink Dragon! The standard Paragon colors are black or blue. Optional colors are berry, black, jade, navy, pink, purple, and turquoise and are now available on any Paragon kiln can be painted with a custom color. The exact shade may not match the color shown on your computer because of the variation in color on digital devices. We use a high-temperature water base paint because of low emissions during spraying. This creates a healthier environment for our employees and cuts down on pollution.

Paragon Kilns now has Virtual Troubleshooting with Facetime!

For better, faster troubleshooting help, Paragon customers can now Facetime with our customer service representatives. This allows our tech support to look inside the switch box, assist in reading a multimeter, and answer questions that would be difficult without video. From an iPhone, press the Facetime app. Enter the following address on the line at the top of the screen: The email address will ring an iPad in our office the same way a phone number connects to a cell phone.

Paragon Sentinel Smart Touch Controller 

Manufactured by Bartlett Instruments, Paragon Kilns is excited to offer a new touch screen digital controller called the Sentinel Smart Touch. Sentinel Smart Touch Controllers are in stock and are available from Kiln Frog on any Paragon kiln that comes with the Sentry 3.0 Controller.

The Sentinel Smart Touch has a modern and intuitive user platform with touch-screen technology for an effortless user interface. It can store up to 12 custom user programs with up to 32 segments per program and has the ability to make an adjustment during firing such as add segments, add temperature, and skip segments. The easy-to-follow screen descriptions and graphical display of the firing process, allowing the Sentinel Smart Touch to make firing kilns extremely straightforward.

Additionally, new Paragon kilns equipped with the Sentinel give a continuous amperage and circuit voltage readout during firings. This is to inform the kiln user of voltage drops during times of heavy electrical demand, such as hot summers. The amperage reading indicates when the elements are beginning to wear.

**All Bartlett Instrument Controllers: Genesis (AKA Paragon Sentinel Smart Touch) controller have a warranty of one year.

Paragon Controller Manuals and Demos

  • Sentry 2.0 12-Key Update Sheet - The controller has new features, which you can access through the Options key near the bottom of the controller keypad. These new options are not yet in the instruction manual. Please disregard “AOP / Auxiliary Outlet” instructions in the manual, page 22 - 23.

Paragon User Manuals

The more you know about your kiln, the more you will enjoy it and the longer it will last. You will actually save time by reading the manual because it contains distilled information gathered over many years. Sometimes a single paragraph can save you hours of trial-and-error learning. We keep track of the questions people ask and the mistakes they make, and the answers are eventually added to the manual. So, many questions that will occur to the beginner are answered here.