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Olympic Kilns

Olympic KilnsOlympic Kilns started manufacturing kilns in Seattle, Washington and derives its name from the Olympic Mountains. Twenty years ago Olympic Kilns moved to Georgia to be near its source of insulating firebrick, which is only manufactured in Georgia. With the designs and engineering of their kilns, they are built to be structurally sound, high end performing machines, that are styled to meet multiple sized pieces requirements. 

Don't want the hastle of emergency kiln repair? Learn more about the new Olympic Freedom Series! Each kiln comes with a Freedom Repair Kit that includes two elements, pins and high temp connectors, a crimping tool for connecting the elements to the lead wire and high temp connectors, a Type K thermocouple, a pint of mortar for brick repair and a wiring schematic of the Freedom kiln. This kiln series is definitely for the peolpe that like to plan ahead.

Go the the Olympic Kilns Collection...  Don't see what you are looking for... contact us! We carry a full line of Olympic kilns and we would be happy to give you a quote! 


Olympic 3 Key Control Operating Manual

Olympic RTC-1000 Control Operating Manual

Olympic Gas Kilns Operating Manual 

Olympic Commercial Kilns Operating Manual 

Olympic Glass & Heat Treating Kilns Operating Manual


Abbreviations for Olympic Glass Firing Kilns:

Olympic Kilns glass fusing studio line of kilns are designated by the model’s inside dimensions, width and depth. Letter abbreviations with the model number explain how a kiln is equipped.

Bell – firing chamber lifts up by electronic winch and floor remains stationery

CS – clamshell loading

CUBE - design style of kiln line for dual media for glass and ceramic firings and ceramics firing only

DM – dual media for firing glass and ceramics, 3” brick and the kiln fires to cone 10-2350° F - has lid element for glass fusing

E – an electronic controller equips the kiln

FL – front loading

GF - glass fusing

GFETLC – glass fusing kiln equipped with an electronic controller that has duplicate openings, top and clamshell loading capabilities

HB – HotBox - small 120 volt kilns that fire to cone 10-2350° F

SQ - square style design



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