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Jen-Ken Kilns

Jen-Ken Kilns is a family owned and operated kiln manufacturing company that has been in business since 1951. Jen-Ken Kilns has been committed to building the finest electric kilns for many contemporary fired arts including Glass, Metal Clay, Pottery, Casting, Lampworking and Knife Making. Their fiber kilns and the chilipepper or bead annealing kiln are some of their most popular models!

All Jen-Ken Kilns with a 3-Key controller (AF3P) feature pre-installed JUMP START programming at no extra cost! These programs are a series of proven firing schedules to help you get on your way! Don't worry... the controller has plenty of memory and can save your custom programs, too!

Another thing that makes Jen-Ken Kilns different and unique is that they install a "pilot light" on every relay on every model. The relay is pretty important as it is what turns the element on and off. So, this added benefit helps the user identify if a relay is not firing, or is not turning off and is invaluable when troubleshooting problems. The light goes on every time the relay fires. If the light stays dark then you know you have a problem with the element, relay, or connection. This is especially helpful in kilns with multiple elements. 

Go to Jen-Ken Kilns Collection... Don't see what you are looking for... contact us! We carry a full line of Jen-Ken kilns and we would be happy to give you a quote! 


Jen-Ken Kiln Owners Manual

AF3P Chilipepper Manual

AF3P Pre-Programmed JUMP START Manual

AF3P Pre-Programmed JUMP START Manual For Kilns with Flip Door

AF3P Skip Step Sheet

Pro-Fusion Table Top Fiber Kilns Manual

AF 12 Button ( AutoFire 3000)

AF 12 Button Skip Step Sheet

Pro-Fusion Kiln Line with TAP Manual (Tall Bonnie Glo / ProFusion 16)




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