American Rotary has manufactured high-quality industrial equipment for over 20 years. Their line of HOT SHOT OVEN AND KILN is innovative and exciting, bringing the best the industry has to offer in ease of use and upgraded features for the best price. American Rotary/Hot Shot provides industry leading telephone support for technical, application, and sizing questions, plus they stand behind all their products with the best warranty in the industry. American Rotary is a UL Certified Control Panel Builder, and its kilns and ovens are UL Listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards.

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Hot Shot Oven, Kilns and Controller Manuals

Novus N480D Controller

The N480D series of PID temperature controllers was designed for non-experienced novice users for combining extreme simplicity in operation with high performance only found in expensive high end controllers. It is a low-cost instrument which can be easily installed and operated. It accepts most thermocouples and Pt100 RTD, features a relay and pulse output for driving solid state relays and optionally can be supplied with a linear 4 to 20 mA output. Autotuning PID function, dual display, full range universal power supply and ramps soak function are standard.

Learn more about this controller, read N480D Controller Manual here.



N1030T Controller

N1030T is a temperature controller with timer that features high performance PID algorithm, ideal for manufacturers of machines and equipment, in compact housing, with only 35 mm depth. Its compact size and the detachable connector provide and easy setup on thinner profile panels, optimizing space and reducing costs. It has two outputs always available in which both can be configured as control, alarm or timer output. It also has two independent timers and several operation modes that redirect to one of the controller outputs ou to act joined with temperature controller. It accepts sensors Pt100 and thermocouples J/K/T and it has a quick coupling electric connection that reduce installation setup time. N1030T is an excellent process controller where reliability and precision are demanded, besides cost effectiveness in PID controller.

Learn more about this controller, read N1030T Controller Manual here.


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