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Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System

Evenheat introduced the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System in the Spring of 2016. A solid-state relay is a semiconductor and has no moving parts which means nothing to wear out and nothing to replace, ever. Since that time, Evenheat has built thousands of kilns and ovens equipped with this design. As of February 2020, they have yet to experience a single report of failure. This is a very big deal for everybody, particularly for the owners of our equipment!

Relays are the devices that turn the heating elements on and off. They get used and abused, rode hard, put away wet and do the heavy lifting, as it were. Traditional, mechanical relays have always been used in kiln production and can put up with this abuse for a while but, at some point, they fail. It's a given and it's expected. When they do fail, they always seem to at the worst possible moment. Kiln owners have been putting up with this for decades. Are they a pain to replace? Yeah, no, kinda, maybe, not really, sort of. It's not so much the act of doing it, it's the fact that you have to that stinks. 

Not anymore… solid state relays are different. They have no moving parts and, if properly applied, will last the life of the kiln. Solid state is the new standard in kiln power-driving systems, and Evenheat makes these systems bullet-proof. Evenheat offers the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System on just about every kiln and oven model they make. When it comes time to get your kiln or oven order it with Quiet Drive Solid State.

And that's not even the best part! Unlike the mechanical relay, a solid state relay can be turned on and off very quickly, much faster than a mechanical relay could ever dream of. This translates into very precise temperature control as temperature adjustments can be made within fractions of a second. This type of temperature control resolution is not available using mechanical relays.

Solid state relays can also be turned on and off precisely when the AC voltage is at Zero (which happens 120 times a second in North America). It's called "Zero Crossing" and this keeps the solid-state relay running cool. An unintended and very healthy consequence of this Zero Crossing is that heating elements love to be turned on and off at Zero volts as well. They show this love by lasting longer. It's a win, win.

There's more to the Evenheat design than simply dropping in a different relay and calling it good. It's a complete system that takes physical and load factors into account. Evenheat positions the solid-state relays as low as possible on the exterior of the control enclosure for maximum cooling. They also standoff the solid-state relay mounts using low heat conducting steel and air gaps to avoid even the slightest hint of heat transfer.

The entire design of the Evenheat Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System started from the point of view of the solid state relay and what it needed to perform at its peak. The ultimate design resulted in creating the most overbuilt, reliable and precise power control system available in the kiln market.

Zero Fail, 3 Years and Counting.


Special Limits Thermocouple 

The control freaks will be happy to know that Evenheat uses only Special Limits of Error thermocouples and thermocouple lead wire. Thermocouples are made of various grades of material. Among those is the grade of "Special Limits of Error". Special limits thermocouples and thermocouple wire offer an error of +/-2° or 0.4%, whichever is greater. In comparison, Standard Limits offers +/-4° or 0.75%, whichever is greater. If you're a control freak, it's pretty cool. If you're not, it's still pretty cool! 


TAP Touchscreen Design

The TAP Controller has established itself as Evenheat's premier temperature control. From its easy to use touchscreen layout to its phenomenal solid-state control ability the TAP excels at all levels. The TAP was very well received when we introduced it in 2016 and has proven itself ever since.

The defining feature of the TAP Controller is the touchscreen design that offers a large screen and visual ease. Viewing and use are enhanced by full text displays, including firing schedule titles, schedule development and selection, temperature set points and beyond. Everything is clearly legible and understandable.

The TAP Controller menu driven software is well laid out, logical and very intuitive. All operations present themselves well and nothing is cryptic or hidden. Simply respond to the screen menu with a touch! Our experience with the TAP is that we receive the fewest amount of questions on how to use it compared to our other controls. It's that awesome and that easy.

During standby and run operations the TAP Controller displays large format, high contrast screens that display kiln temperature and current state. These large displays can be seen and understood from across the shop or studio. There's no guessing or moving in close to view.

The TAP Controller utilizes a Proportional Integral-Derivative (PID) control algorithm to ensure accurate schedule following with the fastest response, minimal overshoot, and limited steady state error. Evenheat couples that with their special limits, low error thermocouple components for excellent control performance.

Evenheat also worked closely with SDS Industries to develop software designed specifically for use with their Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System. Temperature control decisions are made in fractions of a second with the solid-state relay following along effortlessly. Evenheat highly recommends pairing the TAP with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.


LB Series Knife/Heat Treat Ovens

The LB Series side-element-only design was inspired by culinary and long-blade makers as well as the knife making community as a whole. Knife makers needed to use the entire length of the chamber without overheating their blades at the back wall. We took a fresh look at our heat treat oven designs, removed the rear wall element and created the side element only LB Series. The results are incredible: front to back temperature distribution is dead-nut. Whether you're making culinary, tactical, fixed blades, folders, doing gun work or something else entirely, the LB Series sets the new standard! The LB Series represents the ultimate mix of bladesmith input and Evenheat design.