Choosing and Using a Blade

Let's talk blades! Covington offers a variety of blades for every lapidary and glass cutting need.

Lapidary Blades

Covington’s Gold Blade is an affordable option for those looking for a decent cut with a lower price tag. These blades have a higher concentration of diamond embedded into the metal which gives a better cut.

Platinum 303 Blades are the next step up in price, and they produce a smoother cut, with minimum wasted material from the cut. These blades last longer and cut faster than ordinary notched-rim or plated diamond blades.

Platinum 301 Blades are made with a higher concentration of diamond and a higher carbon content stell core for improved tension memory. The solid diamond sintered kerf provides better cutting performance and improved coolant flow. These are ideal for cutting harder stones such as Agate, Jade or Petrified Wood.

Glass Blades

If you are looking for a blade to cut a variety of things with, look no further than Covington’s Ultimate Glass Blade. Our latest model of glass blade, it is designed to trim glass, slice through bottles, millefiori chips, and more while minimizing chipping. This blade cuts with the quality of a Platinum Resin Blade, without the risk of the the blade being as fragile.

If material loss is an issue, Covington’s Platinum Thin Glass Blades provide an excellent solution for cutting precious stones and glass. This blade features a nickel electroplated rim and a strong spring steel core.

Covington’s Platinum Series Resin Bonded Diamond Blade is an excellent choice for cutting pyrex, glass, ceramic, and other materials where heat generation must be kept at a minimum. These 1/4” depth super-heavy diamond concentration blades give a smooth, cleaner cut than most plated blades can. These blades are commonly used by glass artists worldwide and are exceptional for cutting glass tube, bar, and rods. WARNING: THESE BLADES ARE EXTREMELY FRAGILE. 

In order to continue cutting, please dress your blade every 4-5 cuts. Aluminum Oxide Dressing Blocks should be used if you are cutting glass. Silicon Carbide Dressing Blocks should be used if you are doing lapidary work.

TOADally HIP TIP: A sharp blade will give a smoother cut. By allowing the blade to “erase” the glass, you will also improve your finish. Cutting too fast will increase chips and saw marks. A slow cut is a smooth cut.