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About Us

Kiln Frog is a company born from the idea that kiln shopping is a big pain in the neck and confusion runs rampant! We’ve noticed that all the information in the vast web wasteland is from the manufacturers’ point of view, and not the users perspective. So, being the rebels that we are, we’ve decided to put an end to that! 

We are professional artists, so we’re speaking from a users view point.  We'll try to provide unbiased observations from brand to brand, as well as real world solutions that make sense for how you plan on using your kiln. We hope to provide a stellar resource that makes a real difference in your decision making process. 

And, now, we are sure you wanted to know...Who are we? 

Gail Stouffer and Stacey Campbell are the original founders of Wired Designs Studios in San Antonio, Texas. We’ve done it all from metal clay, glass fusing, pottery, furnace work, metalsmithing, torch work, and crayons. Together we’ve sold over a thousand kilns to artists all over the country. We are kiln crazy, in fact we are obsessed! We hope this site helps you in your journey, and makes you smile. 




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