There’s A New Smart Controller In Town!

Orton has recently introduced a new Smart Controller called the AutoFire Slide Controller.  Now, in addition to the TAP Smart Controller by SDS Industries and the Genesis Smart Controller by Bartlett, you have another choice for a great controller with the convenience of a touchscreen interface.  Smart Controllers give you precise control over your firings and with their large touchscreen interfaces they give you much more information than you can get from a standard digital controller with a simple four-digit display.  

Orton has been in the controller business for years, and they have been pioneers in the digital controller field.  The founder, Dr. Edward Orton, established the Standard Pyrometric Cone Company back in 1896!  Orton is the longest continuous manufacturer of Pyrometric Cones in the world, so you know that they know what they are doing when it comes to controlling a kiln environment.  So, why might you choose a new AutoFire Slide Controller for your next kiln?  Read on!

For the ceramic artist, in Cone Firing Mode the new AutoFire Slide Controller will automatically fire a preset program for anything from Cone 022 to Cone 12, depending on the temperature limits of the kiln.  For even more versatility, you are able to add a preheat segment for drying out your greenware or glazes, an optional hold time at the top temperature of your firing for extra heat work if needed, and an optional slow cooling segment at the end of the heating cycle if your glazes could benefit from a slow cool.  You can even select your firing speed to adjust for smaller or larger loads.  The AutoFire Slide Smart Controller is so smart its actually monitors the kiln performance throughout the firing cycle and will automatically adjust the schedule to give you perfect results every time, even as your kiln ages and conditions change!


For the glass artist and for heat treating when you need more control over your firing schedules, then User Firing Mode allows you to create and store 35 different firing programs with up to 20 separate segments in each program.  That's a tremendous amount of memory and will satisfy even the most versatile among us who are always trying something new and needing a new firing schedule for that project. You can save all of those schedules and go back to them again and again, or go back and tweak them as needed to get that perfect firing result.  This is a truly versatile controller.

For further flexibility, the AutoFire Slide Controller allows you to program your VentMaster if your kiln is so equipped.  You can program the vent to be either on or off for each segment of the firing program. Now that's complete control!

Other great features of the Orton AutoFire Slide Controller include delayed start, a power consumption calculator, indefinite hold periods for when you need to stay at a set temperature for a prolonged period of time, a convenient cone table, program skip step, program editing while in firing mode, power failure recover, and so much more.  

For more information on the Orton AutoFire Slide Controller, check out the user manual here:

Orton AutoFire Slide User Manual

The Orton AutoFire Slide Controller is available as a controller upgrade option on most Jen Ken kilns.  Check out our great selection of Jen Ken kilns here:

Jen Ken Kilns

You can even get the AutoFire Slide Controller for your older manual kiln by purchasing one of our Manual Controller Upgrades.  It is a simple process to connect your older manual kiln to a new digital controller, and then you can let the Orton AutoFire Slide Controller do all of the work.  No more guesswork needed!

Digital Manual Controller Upgrade

To see the Orton AutoFire Slide Controller in action, play the video below:

The Orton AutoFire Slide Controller might be the new kid in town, but this is one sophisticated piece of equipment from a company that has been in the controller business for years and is known for their high quality and sound reputation.  The AutoFire Slide Controller will give you precise control over your firings for years to come.

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