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Paragon Kiln - Vulcan Crucible - Kiln Frog

Paragon Kiln - Vulcan Crucible

$ 2,126.12 $ 2,719.22

Model: Paragon Vulcan Crucible
Dimensions Inside: 13.5" (width) x 14.75" (depth)
Elements: Side Elements Only
Max Temp: Fires to 2350° F 
Voltage: 240 volts 
Amperage: 17 amps 
Watts: 3950 watts 
Receptacle: 6-30R
Shipping Weight: 240# 


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  • 3-Key Digital Sentry Xpress Controller
  • S-Type Platinum Thermocouple
  • Built-in Stand
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

The Vulcan glass blower’s kiln heats approximately 50 pounds of glass to molten temperature. Mix custom glass colors. Make huge glass figurines, paper weights, blown vessels, stringers, and much more. Pull your own neon tubing. Make glass castings. The Vulcan is a glass blower’s dream kiln, designed by glass blowers.

Platinum thermocouple, thicker walls

The firebrick sidewalls are a massive 4 ½” thick. The extra insulation and heavy 12-gauge elements are designed for the stress of very long heat soaks. The deluxe S-Type platinum thermocouple with ceramic protection tube is standard on all Vulcan kilns. This thermocouple far outlasts the standard K-Type.

Quick release bottom section

The bottom section of the Vulcan includes the firebrick floor and the bottom row of blank 2 ½” high wall bricks. The bottom section is held in place with heavy duty spring-twist locks. Should a crucible crack and leak glass onto the kiln floor, merely replace the damaged bottom section. The 2 1/2” high wall section is blank, so you won’t worry about damage to a heating element from a cracked crucible.

Galvanized steel base plate

A heavy galvanized steel base completely covers the reversible brick bottom. Tabs around the galvanized base are pushed up under the stainless case on all sides and fastened with screws to strengthen the firing chamber. This is one more assurance that your Paragon kiln is built to last.

Fiber board retains heat when lid is opened

The Vulcan comes with a 2”-thick ceramic fiber board retaining ring insert that fits into a recess at the top of the firebrick walls. Cut a hole in the fiber board to fit your crucible. The fiber board holds heat inside the kiln when you open the lid. The Vulcan is 13 ½” wide x 18” deep. The fiber board retaining ring in place reduces the firing chamber to 15” deep.


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