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Model: Paragon Glass Vault 36
Dimensions Outside: 39.7" (width) x 27.7" (depth) x 71" (height) inc. 22" stand
Dimensions Inside: 18" (width) x 18" (depth) x 36" (height)
Elements: Top and 4 Side Elements
Max Temp: Fires to 2350°F, Cone 10
Voltage: 240 volts / 1 Phase - Available in 208V and 3 phase
Amperage: 63 amps
Watts: 15,230 watts 
Receptacle: Direct Wire
Shipping Weight: 730 lbs. (freight)



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  • Sentinel Smart Touch Controller
  • 3” thick walls, top, sides and door
  • Type-K thermocouple with ¼” sheath, or optional type-S
  • Proportional power elements for more even heating
  • 3” thick reinforced firebrick floor.
  • Kanthal Iron Chrome Elements for extended life
  • 22" Stand with Shelf
  • Standard Color: Cavalry Blue/Gray
  • Front Loading Spring Style Door
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty (The manufacturer's warranty as well as the optional add-on Extended Warranty Protection Plan do not cover a service contractor to provide in-home kiln repairs.)

The Glass Vault 36 is all about power and versatility, and most of all... MORE USABLE VOLUME IN A SMALLER FOOTPRINT!  You get 6.75 cubic feet of space is less floor space than ever before!

This special production kiln specially designed for glass production. This is the perfect kiln designed for mold drying, wax burnout, crucible casting, fusing & slumping, and long glass annealing schedules.


  • Sentinel Touch Screen Controller
  • Orton Ventmaster (Auxiliary Output Plug - 240V) digitally controlled
  • Door Power Interrupt Switch
  • Fiber Lid w/ Elements
  • Door With Elements
  • Solid State Relays


THE GLASS VAULT comes with a Sentinel Touch Screen Controller and the Orton Ventmaster System fully installed with a 240-volt Auxiliary Output Plug. This allows the controller to automatically control when the vent cycles on and off during each segment. This is important because it allows casting molds to be dried in half the time allowing the moisture to burn off without damaging your elements and metal parts in the kiln. It allows for proper air exchange in the kiln when burning off fiber particulate, leaving a clean kiln environment, with no cloudy glass. It also allows you to burn the wax out of a mold and avoid the slimy, sticky film build-up on your fire bricks that can sometimes occur during that process. A vent helps keep your kiln clean-clean-clean! In glasswork that's an imperative!!

THE GLASS VAULT features the upgraded 4-sided heat chamber with Added Door Elements which deliver heat from all 4 sides. This is perfect for the longest and evenest drops (in this kiln you can do 2 deep drops at once!) and making sure drip cast molds are perfectly filled in all the crevices to full capacity. This special kiln comes equipped with Solid State Relays for tighter temperature control and a Door Switch which cuts the power when the door is opened, this is ideal for shop safety.

THE GLASS VAULT also features a Fiber lid with elements to eliminate brick dust falling onto your work, plus a top firing option too! Sometimes you need more heat where the largest amount of glass is firing when you are doing a big long drop.

THE GLASS VAULT also fires ceramics as well. With the ability to fire to 2350F, the Glass Vault 36 lets you make your own molds, or switch to working with ceramics when the mood suits you. This kiln is perfect for multi-disciplinary studios and artists with dual backgrounds that like to work with dual mediums.

We designed our dream kiln with the engineers at Paragon! We know you're going to love it too!


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