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Bullseye Glass - 8 Half Sheet Starter Pack -

Bullseye Glass - 8 Half Sheet Starter Pack

$ 192.66 $ 339.60

Hand chosen by our friends at Bullseye Glass, exclusively for Kiln Frog... this Starter Pack contains a selection of half sheets from Bullseye's most traditional colors! 

But, this isn't your ordinary Starter Pack... it is a unique mix-n-match half sheet box where you are in control of the color choices but, still get your glass at a great discount!

Are you ready?  Let's go... 

STEP 1: Everybody needs clear glass! With that in mind, we used clear as our base on each choice so you can choose how much color you want in your half sheet box. 

STEP 2: It's time to mix-and-match! This is where the fun begins as you probably don't want only clear glass, right? Pick a color, or keep it clear... the choice is up to you!  You can choose as many of each color that will fit in the box until it's full with eight (8) half sheets. (The pricing for each half sheet of color is based on the price for a clear sheet+the color price difference.)

STEP 3: Congratulations! You have now created your own custom half sheet box! 

All glass in this pack are coded "F" for Fusible glass. “Fusible” glasses pass factory testing for color and fusing compatibility. They carry the “Bullseye Compatible” label and are recommended for kilnwork and flamework, as well as cold applications.

TOADally Hip TIP: It stinks to run out of the basics when you are in the middle of a project. Trust us... we have been there! With that said, we suggest getting one box and filling it with only clear, black, white, and french vanilla! Then, fill the second with color, color, color! This gives you all the basics you need and a great selection of color! Best of all, no short cuts... you get the full half sheet, packed by professionals! No risks, no worries!

Our list of traditional color choices includes:

  • 1101-0030 Clear
  • 0024-0030 Tomato Red
  • 0100-0030 Black 
  • 0113-0030 White
  • 0116-0030 Turquoise Blue
  • 0137-0030 French Vanilla
  • 0147-0030 Deep Cobalt Blue
  • 0220-0030 Sunflower Yellow
  • 0222-0030 Avocado Green
  • 1116-0030 Turquoise Blue
  • 1120-0030 Yellow
  • 1122-0030 Red
  • 1125-0030 Orange
  • 1137-0030 Medium Amber 
  • 1427-0030 Vernal Green

*Please keep in mind that the colors listed may be substituted for similar shades in the event that a color is out of stock.  

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