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Bullseye Glass - 10" x 10" Starter Pack (40 Sheet Box) -

Bullseye Glass - 10" x 10" Starter Pack (40 Sheet Box)

$ 491.95 $ 756.85

Hand chosen by our friends at Bullseye Glass, exclusively for Kiln Frog... this Starter Pack contains 40 sheets of Bullseye's most traditional colors! 

Every forty (40) sheet Starter Pack includes:

  • 000100-0030-F Black, Dbl-rolled - four (4) sheets
  • 000113-0030-F White, Dbl-rolled - four (4) sheets
  • 001101-0030-F Clear, Dbl-rolled - six (6) sheets

The remaining twenty-six (26) sheets will include an assortment of colors including:

  • 000116-0030-F-1010 Turquoise Blue, Dbl-rolled
  • 000124-0030-F-1010 Red, Dbl-rolled
  • 000125-0030-F-1010 Orange, Dbl-rolled
  • 000137-0030-F-1010 French Vanilla, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000146-0030-F-1010 Steel Blue, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000147-0030-F-1010 Deep Cobalt Blue, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000216-0030-F-1010 Light Cyan, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000220-0030-F-1010 Sunflower Yellow, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000221-0030-F-1010 Citronelle, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000222-0030-F-1010 Avocado Green, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000223-0030-F-1010 Mountain Green, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000301-0030-F-1010 Pink, Dbl-rolled 
  • 000334-0030-F-1010 Gold Purple , Dbl-rolled 
  • 001109-0030-F-1010 Dark Rose Brown, Dbl-rolled
  • 001120-0030-F-1010 Yellow, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001122-0030-F-1010 Red, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001125-0030-F-1010 Orange, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001128-0030-F-1010 Deep Royal Purple, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001137-0030-F-1010 Medium Amber, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001212-0030-F-1010 Deep Green, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001242-0030-F-1010 Medieval Green, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001311-0030-F-1010 Cranberry Pink, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001414-0030-F-1010 Light Sky Blue, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001416-0030-F-1010 Light Turquoise Blue, Dbl-rolled
  • 001427-0030-F-1010 Vernal Green, Dbl-rolled 
  • 001429-0030-F-1010 Light Silver Gray, Dbl-rolled

All glass in this pack are coded "F" for Fusible glass. “Fusible” glasses pass factory testing for color and fusing compatibility. They carry the “Bullseye Compatible” label and are recommended for kilnwork and flamework, as well as cold applications.

*Please keep in mind that the colors listed may be substituted for similar shades in the event that a color is out of stock. 

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