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Big BLU No. X-2 BLU Rounding Hammer 3.5 lbs. -

Big BLU No. X-2 BLU Rounding Hammer 3.5 lbs.

$ 170.00 $ 175.00

Perfectly balanced with one round crowned face and one flat squared face beveled. Designed to withstand the daily use by the professional blacksmith and farrier. 

The round convex face of this hammer is used for omnidirectional drawing, shaping, and sculpting. The square semi-rocker face of this hammer is used for directional drawing, working corners, and edges. Made from top quality forged and heat treated tool steel. Finished and fitted with a high-quality wood handle. Used by Artist Blacksmiths, Bladesmiths, Armourers, Autobody men, and Sculptors.

These hammers are all hand dressed and finished by experts. Forged hammers will vary somewhat as they are hand forged and hand dressed.

At Big BLU, they proudly offer a broad range of hand forged tooling that is Made in the USA. Each tool is produced and inspected before being added to their shelves to be shipped around the world.

It is the goal of Big BLU to fulfill every order as soon as it is placed and they do their best to anticipate demand and build stock accordingly. However, sometimes they are overwhelmed and restocking back-ordered items can take upward of a few weeks. So, if you need the items you have ordered by a particular date please feel free to contact us by phone and check the availability of those items before placing your order.

Product Length: 5"

Product Height: 15"

Product Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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