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The BEST Workshop Safety Equipment

Workshop safety equipment is a top priority! It is important to make sure you are properly prepared with good personal shop safety equipment so that you can be completely comfortable with whatever you are doing.    


Workshop Fire Extinguisher

Did you know? Fires double every 30 seconds so, it's VERY important to stop fires fast!  

The First Alert Garage/Workshop Fire Extinguisher is designed to fight flammable liquids and electrical fires. The commercial grade metal head is rechargeable and features an easy to read pressure gauge. It comes with a plastic mounting bracket with strap for easy mounting and is U.S. Coast Guard approved for marine use when used with the supplied bracket. 

Additionally, this extinguisher has a metal pull pin with safety seal to help prevent accidental discharge and discourage tampering. It also has a chemical resistant and waterproof label with 4-step instructions that won't deteriorate! This is crucial because when you need it, you need to know how to use it!  


Mini Firefighter All Purpose Fire Extinguisher

Be ready by having a Mini Firefighter, the most effective home safety firefighting tool. This small portable fire extinguisher suppressant eliminating fires easily, quickly, confidently and safely. It's perfect for home household, kitchen, automobile, automotive, car, office, RV, boat, BBQ, garage, workshop, and camping.

STOPS FOUR FIRE TYPES – Compared to the rest of fire stoppers, Mini Firefight stops more fires because it can tackle Wood (Class A), Gasoline (Class B), Electrical (Class C), and Oils and Fats (Class K).

    The Mini Firefighter extinguishes these fires by suffocating and cooling flames preventing re-ignition. The non-toxic, non-irritant, bio-degradable foam expands up to 40 times its size and. contracts once fire out! Over 1.5million+ sold worldwide so far! 


    Nighthawk Plug-in Carbon Monoxide & Explosive Gas Alarm with Digital Display 

    This AC powered, plug-in alarm protects you, your studio/workshop and your family from 2 deadly threats, carbon monoxide, and explosive gas. This detector has a digital display and includes a 9-volt battery back up that provides protection during a power outage when AC-only units cannot provide protection.

    By pressing the Peak Level Button you can see the peak CO level recorded by the alarm since it was last reset or unplugged. The continuous digital display shows you the level of carbon monoxide (if any) the unit is sensing as well as if gas is present. The gas sensor is a metal oxide sensor designed to detect natural gas (methane) or propane. 


    First Alert CO605 Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector with Battery Backup

    The First Alert SCO5CN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm detects both smoke and carbon dioxide. This carbon monoxide and smoke detector is battery operated for easy installation, with no wiring required. The detector warns you of smoke and carbon monoxide leaks with an 85-decibel siren with varying frequencies, and it has a one-touch silence/test button. The CO smoke alarm has been tested to the highest industry standards, is UL-listed, and requires just two AA batteries. 



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