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The BEST Eye, Ear, and Lung Protection

Your EYES Keeping your eyes – and in some cases, your face – covered is the easy way to prevent injury.  Using safety goggles when running most machines is plenty.  In the case of a lathe or some saws, you may need the greater protection of a full face shield to keep dust and debris out of your eyes. 


NoCry Safety Glasses

Designed to be protective and built to last, the NoCry Safety Glasses keep your eyes safe from direct and peripheral threats with a strong and durable polycarbonate wraparound construction. Also protects eyes from 90-100% of harmful UV radiation. Double coated, untinted lenses mean no fogging up or optical distortion so you can see better at all times!

Side and nose pieces adjust to give you a perfect, customized fit without the slipping - no matter the face type or head size. Plus, NoCry stands behind every item they make. If there’s an issue with your glasses, they’ll make it right by.


NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses 

Anyone who wears prescription glasses knows that safety eyewear presents a challenge! Fear no more... NoCry Over-Spec Glasses protects both your eyes and eyewear. No need to buy expensive prescription safety glasses or work without a clear sight.

These over-spec goggles fit easily and comfortably over most prescription glasses and readers (they fit glasses 5.7in wide, up to 1.37in high on the sides and 1.77in high in the center). Wrap-around lens made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate offers a high level of direct and peripheral eye protection. The clear lenses won’t distort your vision so you can easily see cut lines, colors, and other details. Padded arms adjust to fit both small and larger head sizes comfortably. Soft tips eliminate pressure behind the ears.


US Forge 99111 Full Face Grinding Shield

Full face grinding shields provide lightweight full-face protection. The US Forge 99111 features a clear shield and is made from premium quality, durable, poly-type molded plastic. This shield provides excellent eye and face protection while grinding or cutting. Easy adjustment to any head size.


Your EARS - Any time you have equipment running – peculiarly for an extended length of time – you need to cover your ears. Brief amounts of high noise levels won't instantly cause a problem, however long-term exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing permanently.  


Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs

Designed with 2 layers of professional noise dampening foam, high sealing solid cup and the unique double-shell, the ear muffs offer a 34dB SNR(Noise Reduction Rating) for noise canceling. Designed with retractable stainless steel at the end of the headband, the MPOW ear muffs can be adjusted to fit all sizes. These lightweight ear muffs also feature a foldable style as the ear cups collapse into the headband.  

Ideal for shooting, hunting, sports events, concerts, festivals, studying and operating machinery to protect hearing, especially suitable for work in construction and landscaping work. Travel drawstring bag included for ease of packing them or to neatly store away, dust-free.


Your LUNGS - Not only is dust an eye irritant, it can irritate your lungs, nose and sinus passages too. Covering your nose and mouth with a simple dust mask will take care of most exposure. Keep in mind, dust isn’t the only irritant to your lungs. Finishes and other workshop chemicals can let off fumes that can cause your problems as well. In this situation, you may need a more powerful mask with replaceable filters. 


3M Half Face Piece, P-100 Reusable Respirator

When used with the correct P100 filter cartridges (1 set included), this mask offers protection from a wide variety of particulates and gases in many environments including those areas where lead dust is present. 

The four-point harness system with this mask makes it easy to use when quick dawning of the mask is required. Made of lightweight soft materials with the easy to adjust head straps it creates a comfort level that promotes the use of the mask. This respirator was designed to be a maintenance-free item with the exception of changing the filter when it has been used to its capacity. Available in small, medium, and large sizes.


Reusable Dust Masks with Carbon N95 Filter

The three layers are very thick and made from high-grade cotton. The middle layer has activated carbon material and is anti-dust, anti-poison, and anti-odor. The masks are washable and reusable.

Ergonomic cut on nose detail and ear loop with adjustable buckle for a close fit. The mask is wide enough to cover nose, mouth, and face. One size for most adult men or women. Package includes 3 masks.



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