JUMP START Programming

All Jen-Ken kilns with 3-Key controllers (AF3P) come with pre-programmed JUMP START technology. These exclusive controllers are pre-programmed with 45 multi-segment programs, as well as room for your own user directed programs, allowing you to select unique program modes for different glass, art or craft applications.

Using the pre-programmed JUMP START technology is super easy! The JUMP START program mode is prompted on the controller display when the controller is turned on. The available modes are: LP (large piece of glasss), SP (small piece of glass), BEAD (glass rods), CLA (metal clay), and CONE (ceramic). After the kiln is turned on, the display will first indicate 88.88 for about five seconds. The next display will indicate the firing configuration that the controller is in... LP, SP, BEAD, CLA, CONE or USR. Finally, the display will then alternate between the internal kiln temperature and IDLE.

Please note that the Chillipepper is a low firing annealing kiln and will only have the BEAD setting turned on. If a bead door is present and/or a kiln only fires to 1700° F, the CONE feature is removed because the kiln cannot fire that hot. Finally, if no bead door is present, the BEAD setting is removed.