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Creating realistic, cohesive, nature-inspired collections of jewelry can be challenging and intimidating for even the most experienced jewelry designer.  Not anymore! 

In this stimulating 2-day workshop with Gail Stouffer, we will open the door to creative freedom as you expand your skill set with mold making techniques, multi-stage, multi-component soldering with tube settings and findings. Each item in your multiple piece collection will highlight unique natural elements made from custom molded sterling clay, set on sterling silver structures with faceted semi-precious stones.  

In Gail’s workshop, you will concentrate on:

IDENTIFYING & GATHERING FOCAL AND SUPPORT INSPIRATIONS Design using the real thing! We’ll gather local flora, make still life arrangements, document, sketch, and photograph our inspirations. Using these reference points, we’ll plan the components necessary to create a full body of work.

MAKING MOLDS FOR METAL CLAY COMPONENTS Sculpture is our focal point, and our faceted stones are our highlights! We’ll create all the molds necessary to bring our arrangements to life. These molds are the jumping off point that will allow for flexibility in designing the individual pieces in your collection.

MULTI-STAGE SOLDERING Sterling sheet is the canvas upon which we’ll build our pieces and arrange our embellishments, stone settings, and findings. First, we’ll create the parts we need, and then we’ll solder these multiple components, finally cutting and filing our pieces into shape using the fun and effective JoolTool machine. 

SETTING STONES We’ll highlight our pieces with multiple tube settings and sparkling semi-precious stones. Small settings need special care and process, you’ll learn to manage heat and add multiple settings and findings at once. 

As a special bonus, Gail will walk you through the process of adding 22kt gold highlights to your pieces. You'll learn what you need to know about gold electroplating and get hands-on practice with the tools, supplies, and techniques. This distinctive method of enhancing your work with 22kt gold will provide you with additional freedom and opportunity to personalize each one-of-a-kind piece in your collection.


FEES: Lone Star Jewelry Retreat 



Students do not have to be advanced metalsmiths to love this workshop and learn a ton! Vickie's workshop will feature new skills and projects. Although this workshop is the level of an intermediate, all levels of students will gain an arsenal of new skills.

Participants should have at least have some comfort and experience with basic metalsmithing techniques, be comfortable using a hand-held butane torch for soldering, and have a basic understanding of the tools on a metalsmith’s workbench.

We will be working with various precious metal clays, sterling silver, Argentium, and semi-precious stones. We will be soldering, setting, sawing, firing the kilns, polishing, adding patinas and more. It is acceptable to have more experience in one area and less in others, as long as this isn't your first rodeo in metal jewelry design and construction.



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