Loose Grit Grinding and Polishing Kit

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Our Loose Grit Grinding and Polishing Kit is ideal for handheld grinding and polishing of glass, rock materials, metal blades and more! Just add a 6mm-1/4" plate glass base for your slurry mix and a table with some water, and you're good to go! A little elbow grease and some patience, plus some earphones and some good music. Remember to hydrate!

Our Loose Grit Grinding and Polishing Kit includes one box of each the following:

  • 120 Grit Graded Silicon Carbide (1lb.)
  • 220 Grit Graded Silicon Carbide (1lb.)
  • 400 Grit Graded Silicon Carbide (1lb.)
  • 600 Grit Graded Silicon Carbide (1lb.)
  • 800 Grit Graded Silicon Carbide (1lb.)
  • 1000 Grit Graded Silicon Carbide (1lb.)
  • 1200 Grit Graded Silicon Carbide (1lb.)
  • Medium Grade 2F Pumice Polishing Compound (1lb.)
  • Pink Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound (1lb.)
  • Old Miser Compound (12oz)

Notes on Medium Grade 2F Medium Grade Pumice Polishing Compound: Use to remove grease or stains from glass surfaces. This pumice creates an excellent pre-polish on glass Use with cork belts, wheels, or discs. It can be applied with a wet rag or felt block.

Notes on Old Miser Compound: Old Miser is a binding agent designed to hold grit to a workpiece so that it is not thrown off by centrifugal force or washed away by water. This compound assists by quickly making a slurry and holding the grit to the stone thereby speeding up the process and saving grit. Old Miser is water-soluble and washes off the specimen easily. Pays for its cost many times over in grit and time saved.

Notes on Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound: Cerium Oxide is a versatile polishing compound that can be used for polishing a wide variety of stones and even glass.  Cerium is the perfect starter polish and will not break the bank. All Cerium grades work best with leather for stones and felt for glass. Simply mix the polish with a little water to create a thin paste and apply generously to the polishing surface. Use minimal water to keep the piece cool, and prevent washing away of good Cerium during polishing.

This Bullseye Glass Video will give you a great overview as to what to expect!