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Paragon Kiln - SC3 (READY to SHIP) -

Paragon Kiln - SC3 (READY to SHIP)

$ 1,301.31 $ 1,369.80

Model: Paragon SC3
Dimensions Inside: 7.75" (width) x 8" (depth) x 7.75" (height)
Dimensions Outside: 13.3" (width) x 14" (depth) x 17" (height)
Shelf Size: 7" Square Shelf - NOT INCLUDED
Elements: Top and Side Element
Max Temp: Fires to 2000° F 
Voltage: 120 volts 
Amperage: 15 amps (You can plug it into most household outlets) 
Watts: 1800 watts 
Receptacle: 5-15R 
Shipping Weight: 40# (UPS)



  • FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous US!
  • 3-Key Digital Sentry Xpress Controller
  • Viewing Window
  • On/Off Safety Switch
  • Top Vent Hole with tapered plug (for lost wax casting)
  • 1/4" Thick Ceramic Fiber Shelf
  • Built-in Stand
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

The digital SC-3 is slightly larger than the SC2, which still makes it an outstanding travel kiln, but allows you to do bigger stuff! It fires metal clay, light ceramics, decals, china paint, enameling,  and glass.

The door opens 180 degrees for safe and easy loading, which is really an excellent feature! Plus, it has a built-in base so, no extra stand is needed. 

The SC-3 has a fast-firing element that is embedded in the firing chamber shell. This allows the kiln to heat from the sides and back, so it can reach about 1700°F in twenty minutes. For a metal clay artist, this is heaven! 

Additionally, the high-tech ceramic fiber firing chamber is wrapped in a steel inner case allowing the outer steel case to remain cool due to the layer of air between it. Electrical components, located in the base, will even stay cool even at extended hold times. 


Interested in Making Your Own Metal Parts and Pieces?

What is Lost Wax Casting? It is the process of making or carving a shape in wax, then making a mold of the wax shape, and then casting that shape into metal from the mold. The mold is a negative image of the wax. The wax is melted out of the mold through hollow channels called sprues. Lost wax burnout is the process of preparing a casting mold for the melted metal that will be poured into it.

Stainless Steel Wax Trays

If you want to do Lost Wax Casting, you'll need a stainless steel wax tray. Here's the one you'll need for this kiln; a Stainless Steel Wax Tray, 7″ X 7.″ This Stainless Steel Wax Tray system will fit well in your kiln and allow you to do lots of wax burnout.

Place your molds on the removable expanded metal top. The wax will drip from the molds into the tray underneath. Then remove the wax tray before the kiln gets hotter than 300°F / 148°C. Note: Burning wax inside a kiln can damage the firebricks. Check out this 7" x 7" Stainless Steel Wax Tray out to help you in your projects. Here's the link.

Want to learn more about Lost Wax Casting? Here is a link to a cool internet guide we found that you can use as a reference: Lost Wax Casting Tutorial and Guide


Kiln Accessories

Need other accessories for your kiln? Click the link here to explore more Kiln Accessories.

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