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Kingpin 88 adds pre-set programs for Metal Clay

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Kingpin 88 adds pre-set programs for Metal Clay

From our friends @ Evenheat... Evenheat is happy to announce the addition of preset programs to the Kingpin 88 metal clay kiln for Metal Adventures BRONZclay, COPPRclay, WHITE COPPRclay and Burnout Stage for WHITE COPPRclay. Programming is simple, just choose the metal clay style you’re working with and the Kingpin 88 takes care of the rest. BRONZclay, COPPRclay and WHITE COPPRclay metal clays are very popular, easy to work with and give fantastic results. The addition of these preset programs to our Kingpin 88 makes working with these metal clays that much easier and enjoyable. Evenheat’s Kingpin 88 also includes preset firing programs for...

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