LIMITED TIME ONLY... With Paragon Kilns get a Sentinel Touchscreen Controller for FREE!!

At Kiln Frog we're here to save you as much money as possible, it's all about spending less, right? For a limited time only.... Paragon Kilns come standard with a Sentinel Touchscreen Controller for FREE. Your don't have to pay to upgrade! WOW!!  

What does this mean for you? The Sentinel Smart Touchscreen Controller comes on every single model, and every variation, STANDARD for a limited time only! If you were on the fence about getting a kiln with an upgraded touchscreen controller...NOW IS THE TIME!! Don't wait any longer, start shopping Paragon's collection now!

Need help choosing the right kiln with a touchscreen kiln controller? Contact our team!! We’re creative-types just like you! Talk to a real person today! Call or text 361-596-3764, or email us @ (, or (click here to start a chat now)

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